Our Product Range

Overview of our product range

Conveyor Mounted Leak Detectors

LTU5008 Leak Detector

These are bottle leak testers designed to be fed bottles on a continously moving conveyor. Reject bottles are ejected from the conveyor at a reject station immediately after the test area.

Models are available with throughputs up to 200 containers per minute. The machines can be supplied complete with conveyor, or alternatively as a kit to fit to an existing conveyor system.

A range of options are available to extend the tests performed, we are always willing to discuss specific test requirements.


Trimmer Mounted & In-Machine Leak Detectors

LTU6000 Trimmer Mount Leak TesterLTU6000 Trimmer Mount Leak Tester

These are designed to be mounted on an indexing bottle trimmer, or for other in-machine use where the leak tester does not control bottle transport.


Manually Operated Leak Detectors

These are for use in static test fixtures, where an operator loads the part into a test fixture and presses a button to perform a test. Typically used for moulded parts where conveyor feed is not practical, such as fuel tanks or large drums.


Collating Tables

These are used at the end of a blow molding line to pack bottles.


Collating Table with Integrated Leak Detector

Also available with integrated leak detection...