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   LTU2000 circuit board
  ID6-PSU AC Interface module for LT6 Trimmer Mount Leak Detector.
  ID6 Main circuit board for LTU6000 trimmer mount leak detector
   836 - I/O & Pressure transducer board for LT5 series leak detectors (1-8 channel). Obselete - Replaced by 1260 (see below).
  PCB-1260 "Universal" I/O & Pressure Transducer PCB. 1-12 channels. Can be used as replacement for 436, 836 and 1260 series boards. The current standard Input/Output board for LT1, LT5 and LTU5000 leak detectors.
 ID3-PSU PCB-ID3 Module. This is the power supply module used on an LT2 Leak tester to interface to an AC trimmer.
 P4-1 PCB PCB-P4-1-4.. This is the front panel PCB assembly for an LT1 leak detector.