Repair services & helpline

New USA Repairs Hotline - Call 800 287 1612 (Toll-Free)


All Plastech products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

For our customers in the USA we offer a fixed charge repair & replacement service. We will replace your board with a service exchange unit and arrange collection of your faulty board. We hold local stocks in the USA to minimize machine downtime.

If you have a part that requires repair or replacement, please contact us. We will contact you with an RMA number and arrange shipping for you.


Item Stock Code Description Standard Repair / Replacement Charge  
PCB-ID3-1   LT2-1 Circuit Board $850  
PCB-ID3-2   LT2-2 Circuit Board $850  
PCB-ID3-3   LT2-3 Circuit Board $850  
PCB-ID3-4   LT2-4 Circuit Board $850  
PCB-ID5-2F   QT210F.3 Replacement Board $850  
PCB-T2.3   Touch Screen $850  
PCB-43612330   LT5-2 I/O Board $850  
PCB-8361   LT5-


PCB-1260   LT1 & LT5 circuit board $850  
PCB-ID6   LTU6000 Circuit Board $850  
PCB-ID6-PSU   LTU6000 AC Interface $850  
PCB-P4-1   LT1 LCD / Keyboard Assembly